World’s Most Beautiful Mountain Top Hotels

It is safe to say that the world’s most scintillating resorts are located far from sea level. Settled in mountain ranges and sitting on top of desert cliffs, these hotels offer visitors staggering views and romantic hideaways from the hustle and bustle of city life.
Today we discuss some of the worldís most stunning mountaintop hotels.

At the edge of Jackson Hole’s East Gros Ventre Butte is Amangani, (which means quiet home) one of the world’s most stunning mountain resorts. The hotel offers unrivaled views on the Grand Teton Mountains and the surrounding knolls and valleys.

The hotel’s guests are sure to love the view from the outdoor pool. The gorgeous views from one of the retreat’s special suites are to die for!
Go explore the surrounding territory with a book on Native American culture from Amangani’s redwood-brightened library. Don’t forget to wander the hotel’s exhibition of provincial craftsmanship and purchase a few neighborhood adornments to save some nice mountainous memories.

Wildflower Hall
Staggering landscape and antique goods make Wildflower Hall one of the world’s top peak resorts. The hotel’s modern theme and gorgeous views of the Himalayas will make you have a feeling that you’ve teleported into some sort of fantasy world.

Guests can meander the surrounding greenery by foot, or enjoy views of the stunning snowcapped mountains from the hotel’s outdoor pool. The Oberoi spa’s private spa suites offer world-class experience and stunning views of the mountains and tall cedars.

Throughout the winter, you and your kids can enjoy some nice ice skating, both outdoor and in the indoor ice arena.

Vigilius Mountain Resort
Tourists wanting to get a hideout away from the hustle and bustle of city life can loosen up at Vigilius Mountain Resort in South Tyrol, Italy. The hotel doesn’t use modern-day vehicles, which is one of the hotel’s many eco-accommodating practices.

Guests would love the gurgling springs and perfect woodlands, along with some of the most scintillating mountainous views in the region. The retreat is additionally home to a thirteenth-century church that adds to its sentimental feel.

Enjoy top-class supper and lunch at the hotel’s Restaurant 1500

Don’t forget to get some relaxation at the hotel’s exotic spa, where they use medicines made from the new waters of the Vigiljoch springs. These medicines are believed to have recuperating powers.

St. Regis Lhasa Resort
For unmatched views on the Polata Palace and the Himalayan mountains, visit the St. Regis Lhasa Resort. The hotel’s Golden Energy Pool overlooks the surrounding valley, and its customary engineering pays reverence to Tibetan polish and effortlessness.

Have the hotel’s escort take you on a guided voyage through Mount Everest, or the over 600-year-old Tashilunpo Monastery, or the antiquated royal residence Yunbulakang. Guests love the Tibetan culture that rains all around.

The Regis Sabrage Evening Ritual is a quite well-known practice among both guests and locals. The hotel’s head servant group will utilize sabers to stylishly open a champagne bottle and pour you a glass.

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