Experience luxury at Lime Wood in United Kingdom

Much like its name sounds‭, ‬Lime Wood is perhaps one of the most awe-inspiring hotels not just in the United Kingdom‭, ‬but in the entire Europe‭. ‬

Sitting at around 145‭ ‬square miles of historic health and woodland‭, ‬the hotel is surrounded by nature all around‭. ‬The New Forest is what the area is known as‭. ‬Those who have been here know how much of a stunning location this is‭. ‬

While the New Forest can say it has got its style and glamour from the Lime Wood hotel‭, ‬the hotel can also claim that it got its nature aspect from the wondrous area‭. ‬

One of the most attractive aspects about the Lime Wood hotel is its sheer attention to detail all throughout‭. ‬That is one amazing quality that makes it special‭. ‬It will also make sure that its legacy remains for centuries and ages‭. ‬The oak doors are hot and the paint finishes are beautiful‭. ‬

The brickwork is quite intricate and the soft floor lights switch on automatically as you walk into the bathroom‭. ‬How stunning is that‭? ‬I want to be able to experience something magical like that in my life‭! ‬This hotel is truly magical‭. ‬

Enough talking about the hotel’s exterior‭. ‬Lets take a deeper look at what is inside of this wondrous Lime Wood Hotel‭. ‬Featured inside are private bathrooms with deep copper baths in the changing rooms‭. ‬

In addition to that‭, ‬guests can enjoy amazing swimming‭, ‬hydrotherapy and steam pools‭. ‬But that is not it folk‭, ‬because an exotic raw food cafe ‬awaits you as you make your way into the lounge‭. ‬

An attractive shop‭, ‬a mud house‭, ‬relaxation rooms and a top class gym are some of the other facilities you should expect to be greeted by when booking a room in this hotel‭. ‬

The cherry on the top is the gorgeous rooftop garden‭, ‬all with sylvan views‭. ‬Spa treatments at the Lime Wood hotel are sponsored by Bamford‭, ‬Voya‭, ‬Pai‭, ‬Tri-Dosha and Aromatherapy Associates‭. ‬For bookings and reservations at the Lime Wood‭, ‬contact us using the form given below‭. ‬

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