Healthy Habits to Prevent Premature Ageing

Everyone loves a fresh face. The criteria for measuring freshness and youth are how you look. You feel great, you will look great. Good sound health keeps you younger no matter what age you are.

It is not about the age always but rather our carelessness and negligence that makes our skin looks dull leading to fine lines and wrinkles.

Healthy Habits to Prevent Premature Ageing

Here are some healthy anti-aging habits and ways to adopt:

Sufficient sleep:

In order to repair the broken cells, our body needs 7-8 hours of restful sleep. It is extremely important to get enough sleep if you wish to evade the premature lines and wrinkles.

Sleeping late after midnight leads to facial lines and wrinkles way before your age.

The position in which you sleep also plays a vital role in the premature aging process. Rather than sleeping on your side or your face, sleep on your back.

Wash Your Face often:

Water contains plenty of natural minerals. Water moisturizes your skin naturally keeping it fresh, glowing and radiant. Do not use facial soap.

Make a habit of washing your face before you go to bed and when you wake up. It cleanses the skin keeping it from premature lines and acne-causing bacteria.

Add Anti-oxidants to your diet:

You are what you eat and what you eat clearly shows on your skin as well. Add anti-oxidant enriched food in your daily diet. Fresh fruit juices have numerous natural vitamins and antioxidants that prevent premature wrinkles from appearing.

Anti-oxidants keep you young and healthy. Add carrots, beans, berries, red grapes, and black plums to your diet as well as apples and dark chocolate.

Apply sunscreen:

The harmful rays of the sun damage your skin. Therefore, whenever you go out, do apply sunscreen as excess exposure of sunlight causes aging signs.

Only apply as much amount that is needed for your daily Vitamin D intake. Use a good quality sunscreen with high SPF.

Lessen the use of Cigarettes, Caffeine, and Alcohol:

Complete eradication of unhealthy habits is required to look young. Studies show that smoking is the biggest cause of premature aging. Too much alcohol consumption is also harmful leading to dehydration and premature lines. Alcohol leads to permanent blood vessel damage breaking them.

It is hard to lose the old habit of starting your day with coffee, but this is also a leading reason for making you age quickly. A rested and peaceful sleep is a must and caffeine disrupts the sleeping patterns making you look tired. Opt for fresh fruit and vegetable juices for breakfast.

Avoid touching your face:

Our face skin is highly sensitive and too much touching it leads to pimples, acne and premature aging. Do not rub your eyes.

The skin of your neck, face and shoulders are where the signs of age appear the first therefore you need to pay special attention and take care of these areas keeping them moisturized.

It is not easy to prevent the signs of aging. But you can surely delay it by a permanent alteration in your routines, sleep as well as diet. Anti-aging treatment creams and lotions are also helpful. But go natural, it is the best!

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